Blamm Trade About Us

A Leader In Digital Currency...

Disruptive Technologies vs Peace of Mind?

As always with BlammTrade we forget the clichés and keep it simple and easy. We already know the answers to the questions you’re thinking about.

What we do

Again, its simple. BlammTrade is an exchange for the main cryptocurrencies, and fiat currencies. There are lots of exchanges for crypto- to crypto, our focus is to greatly reduce the friction between fiat and crypto. Until we can make our everyday purchases with crypto, we will need to easily access fiat currencies. Our deposit channels for banking and credit cards are quick and easy to use. Our prepaid debit card makes spending fiat currency that you have exchanged from crypto fast and easy with high limits. Like we always guarantee. Trusted. Experienced. Safe. Liquid.

Peace of Mind

We make sure that you’ll sleep at night. Imagine that? BlammTrade iemploys multiple layers of sophisticated technology designed specifically to provide the best security possible. And what does that mean at the end of your business day? A secure, liquid cryptocurrency trading platform with fast, easy, and inexpensive cryptocurrency exchange and payment system for goods, services, and international transfers.

Our system is KYC/AML compliant, providing regulators and customers with even more peace of mind.

Professionals with a plan just for you

With BlammTrade you’ll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You’ll have a team of professional women and men here to help you achieve your goals and give you direction toward your own success.

Gwyn Jones
Chief Executive Officer

Champion of the cause. Cool and collected. Dream maker.
Gwyn is a co-founder of award-winning software developer Serif, and billion-dollar NASDAQ-listed VistaPrint. With over 25 years in early-stage technology ventures, Gwyn is a highly experienced entrepreneurial executive, having developed innovative, scalable products with millions of users while raising millions of dollars of funding. Gwyn has a master's degree in Computer Information Systems and an MBA from top-ranked business school.

David Goh
Chief Financial Officer

A world-class transformation expert.
David has more than 20 years experience in the field of accounting and international finance for both privately-held and publicly-listed corporations. He has served as a hands-on accountant and CFO, and on the Board of Directors, covering typical financial management, proper governance, fund-raising, and preparing companies to go public. With an extensive knowledge of both traditional finance and digital currencies, David is responsible for all financial and compliance issues within BlammTrade. David has a degree in Accounting and is a CPA.

Pat Capozzi
Chief Technical Officer

Dedicated. Experienced. Tested.
Over 20 years of development experience, substantial senior (VP -level) experience in implementation and development of complex web-based system. System security expert; design architect and implement Crypto technology. Operate and manages system and development team.