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BlammTrade has created a suite of products to enable our customers to exchange and trade easier than any other platform. We strive to reduce the friction between fiat and crypto as much as possible. BlammTrade is recognized for its innovative approach towards business value and its commitment to efficiency. Today we are a partner of choice for global professionals looking for a trusted platform to strive.

Blamm trade
Blamm Trade
Our cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform for digital and fiat currencies.
Blamm pay
Blamm Pay
Crypto and fiat currency enabled payment system for payment processing and international remittance. Coming soon.
Blamm coin
Blamm Coin
BlammTrade's own cryptocurrency, Coming in 2019.
Blamm card
Blamm Card
Our anonymous stored value debit card. Charge up to 25,000 USD or equivalent in EUR. No name just numbers on the card. It is issued by a bank in the Far East, and is part of the China Union Pay network. It can be used for ATM's and purchases in over 167 countries around the world, 1.64 million ATM's and 23 million merchants outside of China.